ICYMI: Disgraced Former Governor Rick Snyder Gets Hit from All Sides

LANSING — There’s no way to sugarcoat it, this has not been a good week for disgraced former Governor Rick Snyder. After getting dragged back onto the political scene to help fundraise for the most extreme members of the Republican House Caucus, Snyder has been met with a flurry of protests – from both sides. 

First, on Monday, he joined a “civility” event at Oakland University (we know, we can’t believe it either). Naturally, students did not take kindly to one of the worst governors in Michigan’s history being invited to speak on polite civil discourse. From open letters to a petition against the speaking engagement that garnered over 100 signatures to an actual protest on the day of the event, it’s clear Michiganders have not forgotten Snyder’s horrible record.

You can read more about the outrage in the Michigan Advance and MIRS.

But that’s not all…

The next day, Snyder and his buddy, MAGA Matt Hall, were the subject of a press conference exposing their corrupt ties. If you think you know who hosted the event, think again! The emcee was none other than Michigan House Republican Steve Carra, who slammed Snyder and Hall, saying, verbatim “the trajectory our leadership is on is the wrong course.”

Jonathan Oosting tweet about Rep. Steve Carra denouncing Rick Snyder
Beth LeBlanc tweet about Rep. Steve Carra criticizing House Republican leadership and Rick Snyder

This is your friendly reminder that Republicans in the Michigan House Freedom Caucus, of which Carra is the chair, take very courageous stands against issues like…banning child marriage and protecting abortion rights. This is also your reminder that those Freedom Caucus Republicans are the exact same ones that Hall and Snyder are fundraising for. 

The bottom line is this: whether Democrat or Republican, no one likes Rick Snyder. But we could’ve told you that a long time ago.


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