ICYMI: Bridge MI Review Shows MAGA MIGOP Barely Holding On, Behind On Campaign Infrastructure

LANSING — In case you missed it, the MAGA MIGOP is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons as Bridge Michigan released a review of their deep dysfunction just four months ahead of November’s election. 

In the latest of a long line of articles about the chaotic MIGOP, Bridge highlighted the many fractures in the MIGOP as the party is still mired in infighting and behind the eight ball on building election infrastructure — strongly contrasting with Michigan Dems, hitting the ground running with 40 offices open and close to 150 staff on the ground across the state.

The MIGOP has been broke, had dueling Chairs, and been called an “incompetent dumpster fire” in CNN. While the MAGA MIGOP tries to pick up the pieces of their broken, extremist group parading as a real state party, we know the truth. The MAGA MIGOP is out of touch with Michiganders and their values, and they have no place holding power at any level. 

Even Karamo’s back at it again trying to fight her way back to power! This week, Karamo asked the Court of Appeals to reinstate her as chairwoman of the MIGOP over the current Chair Pete Hoekstra — potentially reigniting their months-long chair battle once again. 

No matter what they say, or how they rebrand themselves, one thing is always clear – Michigan Republicans have no plan for themselves, much less for how to serve the people of Michigan.

Read more about their continued dysfunction below:

Bridge Michigan: Michigan GOP went to war with itself. Can it rebuild to win for Donald Trump?

  • The call illustrated one of the myriad challenges Hoekstra faces as he seeks to rebuild a state party riven by a months-long power struggle, pulling it from the brink of financial ruin… 
  • After 2022’s historic losses, Democrats control state government and hold a majority of Michigan’s congressional seats. Two years prior, Biden beat Trump in the state by 154,188 votes, roughly 2.8%.
  • Michigan is a critical state in the 2024 election, which means high stakes for Republicans seeking to move past longstanding disunity and rally a base that has swung hard to the right while also winning over moderate voters… 
  • Less than a year before Hoekstra became chair, MIGOP delegates chose Kristina Karamo, a political neophyte on the heels of a 14-point loss running for secretary of state, to lead the party. A self-described enemy of “globalists” and the “uniparty,” Karamo’s conspiracy-tinged rhetoric quickly led to an exodus of the party’s old guard. 
  • While spending decades wielding influence over the state party, that donor class had also served as the party’s financial bedrock. Fundraising, according to bank statements leaked in late 2023, immediately cratered…
  • The party defaulted on a loan from its longtime creditor Comerica Bank, and Karamo sued the bank over the debt, along with a trust of former Republican leaders that own the party’s Lansing headquarters, in hope of selling the building. Both efforts failed…
  • Karamo still has a contingent of supporters in the Michigan Republican Party, and she has vowed to fight on. She has appealed the injunction that barred her from claiming to be chair and is raising money to fund the legal battle. 
  • In a recent email soliciting donations, Karamo casts the sides in her fight as “constitutionalists and the globalist ‘uniparty’ and their pawns,” asserting critics who orchestrated her ouster “threaten the survival of our children, grandchildren and nation.”


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