ICYMI: Betsy DeVos, Threat to Public Education Everywhere, “Positioning Herself” to Run For Governor

LANSING — The DeVos dynasty continues to plague Michigan, this time with Betsy DeVos being the latest family member to consider statewide office. 

According to reporting from MIRS, the former disastrous Secretary of Education under the Trump administration is “positioning herself for a gubernatorial run in 2022” after having been “asked to consider a run by more than two people.” Her husband Dick ran for governor in 2006 and lost by an overwhelming 14 points.

The news comes a day after Governor Whitmer signed a “historic” $17.1 billion dollar public education budget that completely closes a decades-long state funding gap between school districts — all without raising taxes.

“You’d think after years of being called out for decimating our public education system nationally, Betsy DeVos would take the hint that absolutely no one wants her to be in charge of anything,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “Putting these political feelers out there the day after Governor Whitmer enacted record investments into our public education system that eliminate funding gaps between school districts — without raising taxes — indicates that Betsy just can’t help herself from pushing back on equality. Working families will never forget her dangerous crusade to increase the gap between the haves and have-nots by trying to fleece taxpayer resources away from public schools to fund unaccountable private for-profit schools. Given her vast influence over the Michigan GOP – even if DeVos skips a run, there’s no doubt her harmful agenda will be featured across the policies of those in the running.”

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