ICYMI: AP Reports Radical MIGOP Embroiled in Debt and Infighting

Growing support for removing Karamo adds to the chaos of MIGOP

LANSING — In case you missed it, yesterday, the AP reported that MIGOP Chair Kristina Karamo is losing support in the GOP… and I wouldn’t say we are shocked. She has continually embroiled the party in chaos, promoted a deeply unpopular agenda, and failed to deliver on any of her campaign promises, including improving the party’s financial state. 

Now, the MIGOP is at least $500,000 in debt, with several documented instances of literal and metaphorical infighting, and is pondering selling their former headquarters to pay off the money they owe – despite not actually owning the building

While removing Karamo will get rid of one far-right radical in the MIGOP, it’s important to remember that this party is rotten to its core, and there is a deep bench of extremists ready to take her place – starting with Republican House Leader MAGA Matt Hall. Michigan Dems know that Republican leaders like MAGA Matt Hall and failed former Gov. Rick Snyder are a real threat to the wellbeing of our state, and even with Karamo gone, these bad actors will continue to be a disgrace to our state as long as they hold power and promote an extreme agenda. 

That said, honestly, we aren’t holding our breath that she’s leaving anytime soon and there’s more chaos on the horizon.

Read more about the MIGOP’s continued downfall below: 

AP: Effort to remove Michigan GOP chair builds momentum as infighting and debt plague party

  • It’s a swift fall for Karamo, an election conspiracy theorist who in February was overwhelmingly elected by grassroots activists to lead the state party… 
  • Just nine months later, a petition is circulating within the state GOP calling for a vote to remove Karamo as chairwoman, according to internal communications obtained by The Associated Press. Party members supporting the petition say Karamo has done little in her time to advance the party, which had at least $500,000 in debt as of last month.
  • The turmoil among Donald Trump loyalists who have largely controlled formal state GOP operations since 2020 has added to growing discord among Michigan Republicans who are grasping for a strategy to turn around the party’s string of recent losses…
  • Many party members who supported Karamo’s candidacy have lost faith, and infighting has consumed the GOP in recent months. It escalated to the point of a physical altercation during an executive committee meeting on July 8.
  • “I regret to say that after much thought and reflection, I have become convinced that Kristina Karamo cannot lead us in this effort and it is upon us, the State Committee, to replace her and move our party forward,” [Daniel] Lawless wrote in an email to other state committee members that was obtained by the AP.


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