Hometown Pride: Famous Michiganders Connect with Voters in their Hometown

Detroit! Livonia! Bay City! Benton Harbor! Traverse City! Manistee! — As a part of The Hometown Project, artists such as Judy Greer (Archer), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Paul Feig (dir. Bridesmaids), Toni Trucks (SEAL Team), Lisa LoCiciero (General Hospital) and more created videos supporting candidates running down-ballot for offices in the communities where the artists grew up.

Hometown pride is visible as these familiar faces connect with their hometown communities to garner attention for local candidates running in this year’s election.

In all, 11 Michigan natives are supporting 18 different candidates running in key districts in a wide variety of positions across the state, with the goal of flipping the four seats needed to gain a Democratic majority in the Michigan State House. Whether the artists of The Hometown Project are supporting a candidate for County Sheriff in Oakland County, a State Representative in Livonia, or a County Prosecutor in Macomb, they are also using their voice to shine a spotlight on the importance of local leadership and the crucial roles they play.

In her candidate video, Betsy Brandt of the hit tv series Breaking Bad, gives a shout out to her alma mater, Bay City Western, “Go Warriors!”, in her segment supporting Brian Elder, Michigan House candidate for District 96, which includes Bay City. 

Sam Richardson, known for HBO’s Veep and the comedy show Detroiters, says “When you grow up in Detroit, you always rep your love for it, and Michigan”, as he encourages voters to learn about and cast ballots for Vincent Gregory for Oakland County Sheriff. 

You may know her face or her voice from movies and TV, but you may not know that actress Judy Greer is “super proud to be from Livonia, and to be supporting Laurie Pohutsky’s re-election as State Representative in District 15”.        

Even in a presidential election year, more than 30% of individuals fail to complete their ballot. Calling attention to these down ballot candidates is the reason The Michigan Demcocratic Party is partnering with The Hometown Project in this crucial election year. And in the highly contentious climate of political advertising, these positive videos provide an alternative that is based in community and connection— energizing volunteers, candidates and voters alike, with none of the negativity that often pervades the national political scene.         

Candidate videos are running as digital ads in the district and can also be found organically on Twitter and Facebook.  Links below. 

All content is positive and promoted across a range of social and programmatic platforms Facebook, reaching key voters in key districts, and in many examples reaching 68% unique individuals within a local State House district. Many of these races are decided by 1,500 votes or less.


Judy Greer from Livonia

Sam Richardson from Detroit

Lisa LoCicero from Grosse Pointe Park

Paul Feig from Mount Clemens

Patch Darragh from Birmingham


Betsy Brandt from Bay City


Brian Holden from Traverse City 


Brian Vander Ark from Grand Rapids


Ernie Hudson from Benton Harbor


Toni Trucks from Manistee

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