Here’s What People Are Saying About The “Forensic Audit” Affidavit Drop In Lansing

“The air quotes around ‘prayer rally’ can’t be big enough here.” –Rev. Bryan Berghoef

LANSING — Today — as a result of the success of her Vacc to Normal program that saw robust vaccination numbers besting nearby states — Governor Whitmer is fully reopening Michigan to 100% capacity several days ahead of schedule. 

Meanwhile, a group of demonstrators led by Michigan Conservative Coalition delivered what they claim was more than 7,000 affidavits calling for an sham Arizona-style audit of the state’s 2020 election to Senate Majority Mike Shirkey’s office – even though Michigan’s 2020 election was one of the most secure and audited in state history. A promotional video for the rally specified that the sham and unnecessary audit being requested is a “forensic” one.

Following the “clown show” audit that is still ongoing in Arizona, Republicans in Michigan are doing everything in their power to support the notion that the election was stolen from Donald Trump.

Here’s what people are saying about MIGOP co-chair Meshawn Maddock’s “people” and their latest attempt in Michigan to keep the Big Lie going:

FOX 17: Conservative activists who falsely claim former President Donald Trump won reelection are asking the Republican-led Michigan Senate to order an audit of the results. 

Malachi Barrett: A rally at the Capitol was organized by Transform Michigan, a religious nonprofit. First speakers have led the group in prayer, asking God to help lawmakers see evidence of fraud in the election.

Malachi Barrett: Kurt Hausauer, a Republican seeking the nomination for Michigan’s 82nd district, has a stand set up with signs saying “burn the witch.” He said its political humor.


Malachi Barrett: Portage Attorney Matt DePerno, who unsuccessfully sued to force an audit of Antrim County results, accuses Republican clerks of corruption and called the GOP in Kent County “dirty.” Members of the crowd called for clerks to be arrested.  “Put em in shackles” one man said.

Jonathan Oosting: Michigan GOP Co-chair Meshawn Maddock, at pro-audit rally, says she personally wanted an election audit in December. It’s up to the Legislature, she says, but she does not think it will happen

Dave Boucher: The co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party says she is not representing the Michigan Republican Party at a gathering of Michigan Republican activists calling for an audit of the 2020 election results.

Jonathan Oosting: Michigan GOP state Rep. Steve Carra, seen here chatting with Pat Colbeck, won’t comment on today’s rally calling for a 2020 election audit. But he’s at it, and he hints at pending action. “Call me next week,” he says repeatedly.

Malachi Barrett: (VIDEO) Patrick Colbeck says proving election fraud is a “spiritual battle.” Colbeck’s proposals for fixing the 2020 election, according to a handout distributed at the rally. It includes decertifying the results and removing “illegitimate” office holders.

Jonathan Oosting: A new(to me) feature today outside Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey’s office: a security guard. Trump activists plan to drop off “affidavits” demanding an independent 2020 election audit.

Malachi Barrett: (VIDEO) Over by the affidavits, activists are confronting lawmakers on their way into the Capitol. Affidavits demanding an audit of the 2020 Michigan election were anointed with oil and blessed with a prayer asking God to make lawmakers listen to them.

David Eggert: GOP activists are outside Shirkey’s office demanding that his staffers ‘sign’ for these affidavits that seek ‘forensic’ audit of presidential elections. Staffer says staff doesn’t have signing authority. It’s getting testy. She asks activists to stop recording her #mileg

David Eggert: Shirkey set aside an office where boxes of affidavits can be dropped off. But activists want his office to officially accept the legal documents that were notarized.

David Eggert: More Capitol security showing up in case they need to intervene. Activists continue to press Senate staffer to formally accept the affidavits.

Craig Mauger: (VIDEO) Demonstrators are frustrated that Michigan Senate Leader Mike Shirkey’s office won’t sign for the affidavits calling for an audit of the election

The Detroit News: Mike Shirkey said he’s been “watching carefully” an effort to audit the election in Arizona’s Maricopa County but he didn’t commit on whether he supports something similar in Michigan. 

Jonathan Oosting: Attorney Matt Deperno, who lost his Antrim County lawsuit but is appealing, wants to punish critics. Suggests “people need to go to jail” for saying there was “nothing wrong” with the 2020 election. Speaking at rally to demand independent audit, which he had requested in court.

Dave Boucher: Are MIGOP party leaders still at this rally? Do they support replacing the highest ranking GOP official in the state and arresting GOP clerks for unknown reasons, two ideas espoused this morning?

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