Gubernatorial Republicans Have Made Clear They Will Undermine Working Families, the Auto Industry, and Michigan’s Economy

Tonight’s debate stage serves as yet another reminder that gubernatorial Republicans stand against efforts to boost Michigan’s economy and support working families. 

As Governor Whitmer solidified Michigan’s standing as the leader in the auto industry with GM’s $7 billion dollar investment – making our state “the ‘hub’ of electric vehicle development and manufacturing” while adding and retaining 5,000 jobs – Tudor Dixon criticized this bipartisan “big win for Michigan” which represented the auto giant’s “single largest investment announcement” in the company’s history.

Kevin Rinke similarly voiced his disapproval of the massive job-creator. The out-of-touch millionaire also said he would have vetoed the $400 refund checks Michigan drivers have been receiving for every auto-insured vehicle in the state – the result of Governor Whitmer’s bipartisan auto insurance reform that even top Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey stated “couldn’t have gotten done without her.” 

Garrett Soldano also attacked Whitmer’s successful efforts to secure the record investment from GM calling the deal “wrong.” 

Additionally, Dixon, Soldano, Kelley, and Rinke put politics ahead of Michigan’s working families by cheering on a blockade on Ambassador Bridge that impacted $356 million of goods daily, caused the auto industry to to suffer “$299.9 million in direct losses,” and force assembly plants at GM and Ford to cancel shifts, which resulted in workers weathering up to $51 million in lost wages. Not to be outdone, Ryan Kelley stood on a paralyzed patch of highway leading to the Canadian border to demonstrate his support for the illegal blockade.

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