Governor Whitmer, who ran unopposed in the primary, garners twice the votes of GOP winner Tudor Dixon

More than 910,000 votes cast for the Democratic governor in a Republican primary, a show of high energy for Whitmer’s campaign

LANSING – Without a string of debates or even an opponent, Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer received more than 910,000 votes in Tuesday’s primary election, a show of enthusiasm from Michigan voters about her efforts to keep the state moving forward. 

With most of the primary votes counted, Whitmer’s vote total was more than double the 426,331 ballots cast for the GOP contest winner, extreme candidate Tudor Dixon, who has a number of radical positions, including her support for a total ban on abortion – even in cases of rape and incest. Dixon didn’t have a particularly strong showing among GOP voters with about three-fifths of Republicans casting ballots against her. 

Democrats did not have a contested statewide race, but that did not deter Democratic voters from turning out and having their voices heard. Turnout among Democrats was just 50,000 short of GOP voters, showcasing a Democratic voting bloc that is engaged and paying attention. 

“Casting a ballot for Governor Whitmer in a Republican primary election is a sign of high energy and strong enthusiasm for her campaign,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes. “It also shows that Michigan voters understand the tremendous stakes – and the clear contrast – between the failed extreme policies of Tudor Dixon and the successful Whitmer administration. Tudor Dixon supports conspiracy theories like the Big Lie and dangerous policies like eliminating funding for needed law enforcement across the state. It’s clear from Tuesday’s vote count for Governor Whitmer that Michiganders can see through Dixon’s divisive rhetoric and understand that her extreme policies will take the state in the wrong direction.”


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