GOP’s Plan Could Raise Michigan Seniors’ Medical Bills. Is This What Michigan Republicans Are Running On?

If Republicans get their way and take power this November, the results could be disastrous for the over one million Michigan seniors who rely on Medicare. Under the Republican plan, all federal legislation – including Medicare – would sunset after five years. This means that Michigan seniors and folks with disabilities could potentially be on the hook for their own insurance and medical costs, when Medicare currently makes over $12 billion in payments for Michigan recipients each year. That’s $11,105 per-person per-year. 

“Millions of Michigan seniors have spent their lives working hard, paying into Medicare benefits, and expect to have access to the affordable care Medicare provides — yet Republicans are once again trying to get rid of this vital program and leave seniors to foot the bill for thousands in health care costs,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes. “Our Michigan Republicans have been silent on whether they support this plan to sunset Medicare, but their constituents deserve to know, because while Republicans are running on a plan that would raise health care costs, Michigan Democrats are at the forefront of lowering the price of prescription drugs and protecting seniors’ Medicare benefits.”

Republicans are continuing their relentless attacks on seniors’ hard-earned benefits, meanwhile Democrats: 

  • Passed the American Rescue Plan that lowered health costs for Michiganders
  • Pushed for measures to bolster Social Security
  • Continue pushing for billionaires to pay their fair share in taxes — while lowering costs for working families.

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