Garrett Soldano Used the First Debate of the Republican Gubernatorial Primary to Push His Anti-Abortion Extremism and Stand Against Public Universities

Last week in Livingston County, snake-oil salesman Garrett Soldano used his time on the debate stage to once again highlight the depth of his anti-choice extremism – a core component of his wrong-for-Michigan agenda. 

He also attacked Michigan’s public universities as “indoctrination centers” and threatened to slash funding calling it “common sense” to cut state funding and force universities to find private funding from alumni instead.  

Before the audience, Soldano touted his “100% unapologetically pro-life” stance and railed against Governor Whitmer’s pledge to use her executive authority to protect the reproductive freedoms of women and families.

Soldano is no stranger to extreme anti-choice rhetoric. Earlier this year, he stated that women who are raped should not be able to have abortions because “God put them in this moment” and it would make them “heroic.” 

After the comments inspired an avalanche of negative headlines, Soldano took to Twitter multiple times to reinforce his dangerous attack on women, eventually equating the horrific criminal act of rape to a “sacred” source of life by saying “the value of life is not based upon the occasion of its conception, but the sacredness of its essence.”

Additionally, Soldano has already pledged to force a draconian agenda on Michigan women and families. He’s referred to himself as “unapologetically pro-life” and suggested that fake crisis pregnancy centers that use manipulative tactics to push an anti-choice agenda should receive taxpayer funding – a point he once again endorsed in Livingston County.
MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Garrett Soldano reminded Michiganders once again that he has a dangerous and radical agenda that includes banning abortion without exceptions for rape or incest and hurting future generations of Michigan’s workforce. He has made clear just how harmful a Soldano administration would be for women and families making personal reproductive decisions, and students that want to secure their future and gain the education they need to compete for higher-paying jobs. Michiganders should take him at his word and trust that he’ll do whatever it takes to eliminate that freedom – even for survivors of sexual assault.”

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