Fourth Time’s a Charm: DeVos Sellout Tudor Dixon Caught Hiding Her Fundraisers From the Public – Yet Again

Tudor Dixon really doesn’t want regular Michiganders to know how much time she’s spent cozying up to special interests and the “kingmak[ing]” DeVos family that has completely taken over every aspect of her campaign – all at the expense of making herself available to voters. 

The Michigan Democratic Party filed a complaint after Tudor Dixon hid not one, not two, but 15 separate fundraisers held between January 1st and July 17th of this year and a total of 15 fundraisers reported on Dixon’s original Pre-Primary report but missing on an amended version. This week, Chair Lavora Barnes filed a complaint with the Bureau of Elections alleging that the deliberate omissions don’t square with details shared by Dixon’s communications with her own supporters and are in direct violation with the Michigan Campaign Finance Act.

This is the 3rd complaint levied against DeVos sellout Dixon’s shoddy bookkeeping this month alone, and the fourth for her operation overall since she launched her run for governor. 

Back in July, Dixon affiliated PAC Michigan Strong accepted a $5,000 contribution from an entity named “Tudor PAC.” Reporting from MIRS detailed that Tudor PAC is “non-existent” with a listed address attributed to a genetic screening company in Grand Rapids. Dixon advisor Fred Wszolek acknowledged the donation was a violation as it had not been “properly reported.”

Then, Dixon failed to report a fundraiser hosted by the DeVos family attended by nearly 200 people in violation of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act and made the “more problematic” move of also failing to report in-kind contributions or expenditures in relation to this fundraiser which was “clearly not in a home.”

And just a week after that, Dixon allegedly failed to report multiple fundraisers that took place in the weeks surrounding the primary – another direct violation of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act.

The most recent complaint against Dixon’s campaign can be viewed in full here.

MDP Chair Lavora Barnes, who signed the complaint filed with the Bureau of elections, issued the following statement:

“The only reason DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon didn’t bury even more fundraisers is because there are only so many special interests and wealthy families to be found within a seven-month period willing to back her backwards agenda. Michiganders deserve to know the special interests she is dependent on as she’s working with them to decimate public education, eliminate reproductive choice, and reverse major investments in our economy and infrastructure.”

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