Four Questions for Anti-Choice Extremist Garrett Soldano After He Expressed Support for Banning Plan B

Last week, footage surfaced in which anti-choice extremist Garrett Soldano was seen going even further than his support for an extreme abortion ban without exceptions, advocating for outlawing emergency contraception like Plan B if elected governor. 

This raises the following questions for the gubernatorial candidate to answer immediately:

  • What other forms of contraception does Garrett Soldano also want to ban?
  • Once Roe v. Wade gets overturned, would he welcome challenges at the U.S. Supreme Court that seek to reverse the Griswold v. Connecticut decision that protects the right to buy and use contraceptives?
  • At what point does Soldano believe that the presence of “DNA, man” supersedes the right to abortion and contraception?
  • Why is Soldano completely disregarding the fact that maintaining the right to an abortion is overwhelmingly supported by the same Michiganders he’s running to lead?
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