Former VP Mike Pence visits Michigan to stump for a DeVos-backed voucher proposal

This proposal would pull hundreds of millions of dollars away from Michigan public schools

LANSING — Former Vice President Mike Pence will be in Michigan tomorrow to support Republican mega donor Betsy DeVos’ voucher proposal to take hundreds of millions of dollars away from Michigan public schools during a historic teacher shortage.

Mr. Pence is also expected to fundraise on behalf of Republican Senator Tom Barrett, a stalwart supporter of DeVos’ agenda to dismantle public education, who is running to unseat sitting Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin in Michigan’s new 7th Congressional District. 

“It’s not a surprise Mr. Pence is coming to Michigan in support of Republican Senator Barrett and Betsy DeVos’ attempt to undermine Michigan’s public schools,” said MDP Chair Lavora Barnes. “Barrett has established himself as the anti-public education candidate, and the DeVos family has a track record of funding policy extremists who support taking money away from public school children. Michiganders must reject DeVos’ backed voucher proposal, and the candidates that promote it, because our children deserve a well-funded public education.”

Barrett has voted against every K-12 education funding bill that has come up during his career in the state legislature, despite the fact that his party has been in the majority since he was elected. 

Meanwhile, the DeVos family donated $48,900 to Barrett’s campaign in the first three months of 2022. Barrett also hosted a fundraiser in Washington, DC at a townhouse owned by a DeVos family company.  


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