For Sunshine Week, the Issues Perry Johnson Owes Michiganders Answers On

This Sunshine Week, MDP will be holding Republicans running for governor accountable, shedding light on the aspects of their campaign, background, or policies Michiganders deserve more transparency on.

Today’s candidate is odd-quality “guru” Perry Johnson, the latest Republican to join the crowded and messy gubernatorial primary. The newness of his campaign shouldn’t excuse the fact that Michiganders need clarity on:

Additionally, MDP is calling on all 12 gubernatorial candidates to disclose their tax returns and personal financial information, which Governor Whitmer has voluntarily done annually since she was a candidate in 2018. Michigan working families deserve a better sense of which interests the entire field’s wrong-for-Michigan agendas are angling to protect.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Just because Perry Johnson is new to the race doesn’t mean he gets a pass on being held accountable. For Sunshine Week, we’re urging the odd-quality ‘guru’ to be transparent with Michiganders about his shady business practices and singular focus on conspiracy theories.”

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