For Sunshine Week, the Issues Garrett Soldano Owes Michiganders Answers On

This Sunshine Week, MDP will be holding Republicans running for governor accountable, shedding light on the aspects of their campaign, background, or policies Michiganders deserve more transparency on.

Today’s candidate is snake oil salesman Garrett Soldano, a rabid election conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer, who owes Michiganders answers on how much he’s profited on Juice Plus+, a product he claimed would “literally” turn consumers’ bodies “into an environment of greatness and you’ll dominate any virus.” 

Additionally, MDP is calling on Garrett Soldano to disclose his  tax returns and personal financial information – something he called for Michigan elected officials and candidates to do, but he has so far refused to follow his own pledge. Governor Whitmer has voluntarily released tax returns and personal financial information since she was a candidate in 2018. Michigan working families deserve a better sense of which interests the entire field’s wrong-for-Michigan agendas are angling to protect.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Snake oil salesman Garrett Soldano owes Michiganders answers, namely exactly how lucrative it’s been for him to be a professional anti-vaxxer with his own line of bogus products and why he has failed to follow his own call to release personal financial information. It’s the least Soldano can do to give Michiganders hope that Sunshine Week isn’t optional as it has been for every other Republican he’s up against in the gubernatorial primary.”

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