FOR REVIEW: Signed Nominating Petition Affidavits of James Craig, Tudor Dixon, and Perry Johnson

As extensively reported by multiple outlets, James Craig, Tudor Dixon, and Perry Johnson are facing challenges on their nominating petitions with the Bureau of Elections and the Board of Canvassers. 

They have since reduced themselves to acknowledging the other two challenges as legitimate while attempting to deny both the validity of allegations of fraud directed at them and the responsibility they undertook as candidates to personally determine bogus signatures weren’t being submitted in their name.

To clear up the finger-pointing, today MDP is producing their signed affidavits in which Craig, Dixon, and Johnson affirmed to the Bureau of Elections through their signatures that “the facts contained in the set forth” are accurate and verifiable. They also acknowledged that making false statements amounts to perjury, activity that “may result in disqualification from the ballot.”

Evidence of large-scale fraud ranging from forged signatures to the inclusion of deceased voters continues to cast doubt on whether any of the three will appear on the August primary ballot.  All three Republican gubernatorial candidates are implicated in an illegal “round robin” signature forging scheme that AP described as “a small group of people sign[ing] names and addresses in turn, one per sheet, using a voter list.” They were also all caught relying on the signatures of “verifiably” deceased voters. Attorney Mark Brewer said the submitted petitions included mass and blatant fraudulent activity on an unprecedented scale.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“James Craig, Tudor Dixon, and Perry Johnson have put their names forward to lead our state but continue to refuse accountability for fraud and forgery in their own campaigns. They have made clear that their themes of leading from the front, ensuring world-class quality, and holding themselves personally accountable to Michiganders were never anything more than buzzwords meant to get them through this crowded and messy primary.”

See below for each candidate’s signed affidavit.

James Craig

Tudor Dixon

Perry Johnson

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