Five Questions for Tudor Dixon After She Got Exposed for Running Michigan Steel Into the Ground

Despite repeatedly touting on the trail that she was involved in “every aspect” of the Muskegon foundry she ran for nearly a decade, DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon’s leadership forced Michigan Steel on a path that ended with laying off its entire 300-employee workforce and being completely liquidated.

Everyone that came in contact with the “half-assed” business was irreparably harmed, from the vendors they refused to pay to the employees who were left to work in illegal and “friggin’ dangerous” conditions only to be compensated with bogus paychecks. This extensive string of structural failures weathered under Dixon and exposed by Bridge Michigan raises the following questions:

  • When is Tudor Dixon going to stop hiding behind her DeVos funded campaign and directly answer questions about her record?
  • How does Tudor Dixon square her claims of expanding revenues with the Michigan Steel’s extensive record of bounced checks, with tax liens, and failing to pay utility bills during her time there?
  • Exactly how many thousands of dollars was Michigan Steel ultimately on the hook for due to vendor lawsuits, court-ordered settlements, and fines from Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration?
  • How much foundry property was “seized by court officers” due to a failure to honor agreements and pay bills?
  • Were any improvements made after employee after employee suffered serious injuries while handling heavy equipment and molten metals?

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