Five Questions for James Craig About His Paid Board Position for a Company Tied to Alleged Scheme to Misuse Michigan Taxpayer Funds

Yesterday, Detroit News offered new insight into yet another one of James Craig’s self-enriching endeavors, on top of the paid speaking company he launched shortly before announcing his retirement in May.

Two days before launching his campaign, Craig “scored a seat” as a paid board member of Palltronics – a company headquartered in Florida and tied to an alleged scheme to defraud a Michigan taxpayer-backed investment fund. The CEO who recruited Craig to the company remains personally “entangled in a legal fight” over these allegations.

Craig’s campaign “declined to directly answer” both how much he has been compensated for the position or if he has assumed similar roles for other businesses since deciding to run for office. Meanwhile, he’s maintained a “relatively quiet” campaign schedule that has primarily featured appearances on national cable shows with chummy anchors asking softball questions – instead of focusing on the issues facing Michigan families.

This raises the following questions for James Craig to answer immediately:

  • How did James Craig score his seat on the board of Palltronics ?
  • Will James Craig step down from the board of Palltronics and lead from the front by condemning the company’s role in an alleged scheme to defraud a state backed investment fund costing Michigan taxpayers millions?
  • Why did Craig let his new company, Palltronics, send jobs out of state to North Carolina, rather than Michigan?
  • What other boards does Craig serve on and how much is he being compensated? 
  • Why has Craig been spending his time serving on corporate boards and giving paid speeches behind closed doors instead of talking to Michiganders?
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