Farmington Hills WWII Veteran Slams Trump’s “Weakness” on the International Stage

In a recent Letter to the Editor, a Farmington Hills Veteran and former Trump voter slammed Donald Trump’s “weakness in the face of blatant attacks on our service members.” The LTE comes as Trump has continued his silence on Russia putting bounties on the heads of American troops and refused to mention the attack during a recent phone call with Putin.

The Oakland Press: Letter to the editor: Veteran backing Biden
By Edward Good

  • I’m a 95-year-old World War II Veteran and lifelong Republican. In 2016, I supported and voted for Donald Trump. Now, the most important thing I’m living for is to get him out of office and elect Joe Biden president.
  • [T]here’s no better example of his weakness than Trump’s refusal to hold Vladimir Putin accountable for placing bounties on the heads of American soldiers. By sweeping this report under the rug, and lying to us about it, he has undermined the role of American soldiers who are putting their lives on the line for our country. It’s a gross and offensive dereliction of duty.
  • When I was a paratrooper jumping over the Rhine River into Germany, I knew I not only had the support of my commanding officer and fellow soldiers, but I knew the Commander-in-Chief was standing with us in the fight against evil. We could step into battle knowing that FDR had our backs. Sadly, with the knowledge that Russia can kill American troops with impunity, today’s soldiers cannot say the same.
  • Two years ago, I returned to that place on the Rhine River where the 17th Airborne jumped behind enemy lines in Operation Varsity, to honor the soldiers who were killed that day.. When I reflect on that time, I remember we had a leader who cared about the fate of our country above his reelection, and was willing to sacrifice for a better future. We need that again. That’s why I’m voting for Joe Biden in November.
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