FACT CHECK: New Pro-Tudor Dixon PAC Ad Tries to Paper Over Her Disastrous Plan to Slash Billions From Police Budgets

Today, a special interest PAC primarily bankrolled by the DeVos family in favor of Tudor Dixon’s wrong-for-Michigan agenda released a second ad to prop up the MIGOP establishment favorite by papering over her disastrous plan to slash funding for law enforcement. To date, outside groups and Republican gubernatorial candidates have already spent more than $10 million to push bogus attacks against Governor Whitmer this cycle. Here are the facts:

Tudor Dixon Herself Affirmed that the “Piss-Poor” Budget Plan She Has Backed “Obviously” Slashes Police Funding – But Only When Kevin Rinke Does It

The facts are clear. Tudor Dixon and Kevin Rinke would both like to entirely eliminate nearly $12 billion annually from Michigan’s budget and $8 billion from the general fund. This plan is a “piss-poor public policy proposal” that “those who watch the state’s budget closely said would be catastrophic for funding.” If implemented, the “primary funding source” providing over 60% of Michigan State Police’s budget would be immediately threatened, along with thousands of law enforcement jobs. 

Oddly, in an interview with Detroit News, Dixon – who has said she “absolutely” supports “phas[ing] out” funding streams for critical services as quickly as possible – argued Rinke “would obviously” hamper police funding because he is seeking to “[cut] that revenue with no plan.”

In reality, neither have identified how or if they would replace the law enforcement funding eliminated by this “dramatic shift in state government operations.”

Michigan Association of Police Organizations on a 2017 Bill That Took a Slower Approach than Dixon Has Pushed: This “Would Have a Devastating Impact on Police Budgets”

During a 2017 push by Republican legislators to eliminate $10 billion from the general fund, the Michigan Association of Police Organizations warned that plans like these “would have a devastating impact on police budgets at the state and local levels,” leave law enforcement “crippled,”  and “have an incredibly negative impact on the public safety of Michigan and its’ citizens.” Earlier this year, MAPO reiterated their opposition to a similar budget plan – one that Dixon has also backed – noting that it “would reduce police protection and create ‘long-term budget problems.’” 

Governor Whitmer is Making Historic Investments In Law Enforcement And Public Safety

While Tudor Dixon and Kevin Rinke give lip service to leading on law enforcement and public safety, Governor Whitmer has actually been doing it by ensuring local law enforcement have the resources they need to maintain safe communities. Last year, she announced the MI Safe Communities Plan to provide $75 million to keep communities safe, including funding for the recruiting, training, and retaining of police officers in local departments and removing illegal guns from our streets.

In the newest budget, Whitmer is delivering funding to recruit more law enforcement officers and expand training, and she secured $100 million to protect the retirement of Michigan State Troopers. Previously, Whitmer signed a bipartisan budget in 2021 that included a 12 percent funding increase for Michigan State Police including millions for officer recruitment and training, body cams, and to increase patrols on secondary roads.

Since taking office, Whitmer has increased Michigan State Police funding by nearly $100 million, signing two budgets that provided over $820 million in funding for the Department Of State Police.

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