FACT CHECK: James Craig Repeatedly Lies to Reporters, Attacks Law Enforcement to Distract from Failed Campaign Reboot

LANSING — After an abysmal campaign reboot yesterday, James Craig stooped to a new low as he tried to distract from his disastrous day. After continuing to dodge basic questions about the integrity of the 2020 election and saying that infrastructure was not one of his priorities, Craig resorted to a baseless attack on Governor Whitmer and law enforcement to change the subject. 

James Craig and his campaign know the truth, but they’re willing to do anything to boost his floundering campaign. 


  • The Department of Natural Resources reached out to the Craig campaign to ensure they had the proper permit for the event after learning about the event in media reports. 
  • A Craig campaign spokesperson affirmed that crowd control was the responsibility of the campaign, not the Department of Natural Resources saying, “We know… Not on you guys”
  • The Department of Natural Resources immediately dispatched law enforcement after being made aware of a problem at the event. 
  • Neither James Craig nor his campaign have offered any information to back up Craig’s serious and false allegation against Governor Whitmer. 
  • James Craig continued to repeat a false attack on Governor Whitmer and law enforcement after his own campaign spokesperson agreed with the Department of Natural Resources and Michigan reporters debunked the attack. 

Instead of focusing on the issues that matter to Michiganders, James Craig ran to national cable news and repeated false attacks on Governor Whitmer and law enforcement to raise money and change the subject after his failed campaign reboot. 

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement: 

“It’s shameful – but not surprising – that James Craig would make and repeat a patently false attack on Governor Whitmer and law enforcement to score cheap political points. Craig has made it clear he’ll stoop to any low to distract from his inability to answer questions on basic issues and his disastrous campaign.”

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