FACT CHECK: Governor Whitmer’s Leadership Saved Lives

Republican gubernatorial candidates are distorting facts and lobbing false claims about Governor Whitmer’s record to score political points. 

Throughout the pandemic, Michigan closely followed the science and accurately reported data in line with federal guidelines. Experts agree: Governor Whitmer’s leadership slowed the spread of the virus and saved lives. 

The State’s Response Kept Michiganders Safe

Michigan Accurately ReportedCOVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths and Followed CDC Guidelines 

  • The Detroit Free Press reported, “The Michigan Office of the Auditor General does not accuse the Department of Health and Human Services of misconduct, intentionally misleading anyone or underreporting the total number of all COVID-19 deaths by hundreds or thousands.” 

Without Any Evidence, Republicans Are Distorting the OAG Report in a Political Stunt Riddled with Inaccuracies and Outright Lies

The Department of Justice found the state’s management to be sound, yet Republicans went ahead and launched a political snipe hunt that burned tax dollars, undermined health care workers, and politicized patients.

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