FACT CHECK: Governor Whitmer Is Fighting to Cut Costs for Michigan Families

The Republican gubernatorial field has proposed dangerous and irresponsible agendas that would undermine Michigan’s economy and rob working Michiganders by gutting funding for public schools, law enforcement, and infrastructure. 

Governor Whitmer has shown she can deliver bipartisan wins for Michigan families and put money back in people’s pockets, and she is fighting to build on this momentum to support Michiganders through tough times. 

Governor Whitmer Is Cutting Costs for Families

Governor Whitmer Cut Taxes For Michigan Small Businesses and Is Putting More Money Back in Michiganders’ Pockets

  • She cut personal property taxes for small business owners through bipartisan legislation that will equate to $75 million saved for local businesses.

Governor Whitmer Is Fighting to Save Michiganders Thousands of Dollars in the Upcoming Budget 

  • She proposed sending an immediate $500 rebate to the families who need it the most as they face rising costs on everyday expenses.  
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