Everyone — including president — should respect health care workers

As a retired nurse, with over 42 years of nursing practice, I have nothing but admiration for the brave health care workers caring for the patients who suffer from COVID-19, as well as other patients who deserve care in these troubled times. Each day they put their mental and physical health on the line to provide care. They did not sign up for risking their lives, but they do it anyway.

It angers me greatly when they are not respected as deserved. One glaring example of disrespect is when the president accused health care workers of using too many PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment), and suggested that there may be something nefarious occurring. In fact, due to limited supplies, they may not be changing PPE frequently enough.

Ideally, in most cases, PPE should be changed between patients. When supplies are limited, this may not be possible. The increase in amounts most likely parallels the increase in patients with likely or confirmed COVID-19. Even worse, some have cared for patients without PPE, only to learn later that the patient was positive for COVID-19. Some of my friends are so concerned for the health of their family they use separate sleeping and bathing arrangements from their family members.

These are our heroes and they deserve respect, care and concern from us and from our president.


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