Election Conspiracy Theorist Tudor Dixon is Back With Another Baseless Claim About the 2020 Election

For years, DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon has falsely claimed that the 2020 election was stolen. As part of her sustained crusade to undermine public trust in the electoral process, Dixon is now carting out yet another election conspiracy theory to fundraise for her campaign.

According to new reporting from MIRS, the special interest candidate is now making more baseless claims about election security. As has been the case with every other conspiracy theory Dixon has embraced and/or invented, no evidence or explanation is offered to even remotely back up these dangerous statements. 

This is only the latest example of Dixon’s rabid election extremism, a major pillar of her wrong-for-Michigan agenda.

When asked to raise her hand during a primary debate if she believed not only that there was fraud, but enough to impact the outcome of the 2020 election, Dixon joined the majority of her opponents in reaffirming her claims that it did. 

Even before she launched a bid, Dixon made an online commentating career out of stoking public distrust in the democratic process while anchoring on Real America’s Voice, an extreme right-wing cable network.

Dixon “claimed the election was stolen and accused Democrats of ‘obvious’ and ‘sloppy’ voter fraud” in the days after the 2020 election. She took to Twitter multiple times in the months directly following the 2020 general election to cry fraud and theft without providing any basis for these accusations. She has used these sentiments to advocate for voter ID even though it is already state law and limit absentee ballots because she believes they caused “widespread fraud” in the 2020 election.

See excerpts below from MIRS on the latest desperate attempt for Dixon to “replenish her coffers while getting blitzed on the air.”

MIRS: Dixon: Whitmer ‘Put Her Finger On Scale’ To Deny Trump Victory In ’20.

Republican gubernatorial nominee Tudor DIXON’s campaign wrote in a fundraising pitch today that Gov. Gretchen WHITMER “put her finger on the scale in Michigan to deny President TRUMP victory” in the 2020 election.

The email, which closely mimics a Trump fundraising appeal, doesn’t say how Whitmer allegedly put her finger on the scale, but does say that if Whitmer is re-elected, “she’s going to make sure the exact same thing happens to President Trump in 2024.” The prospect of Whitmer “putting her finger on the scale” in 2022 and making Dixon’s run pointless isn’t addressed. […]

Dixon responded at the MIRS/Livingston County Republican Party debate this spring that she believes widespread election fraud cost Trump a win in Michigan in the 2020 general election. […]
The fundraising pitch comes as Dixon attempts to replenish her coffers while getting blitzed on the air by the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) […]

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