Donald Trump Opens 31 Offices in Michigan 🤡

LANSING — Today, Donald Trump’s campaign announced the opening of 31 offices across Michigan by early April, in contrast to the Michigan Democratic Party and the Biden-Harris campaign opening only 30 offices by mid-April. 

APRIL FOOLS. Trump is “broke as heck.” Michigan Democrats are the only ones with real campaign infrastructure. 

“I wish Donald Trump running for president was an April Fools joke, but here we are,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes

In case you need a reminder: 

  • Trump has no investments in Michigan: The Michigan Democratic Party and the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign will have 30 offices open across the state by mid-April and will have hired more than 20 senior political, organizing, data, and communications positions. Trump has zero campaign offices in Michigan, zero dedicated Michigan staff, and zero strategy to win Michigan in November. 
  • In the Michigan Republican Party Chair’s own words, Trump’s campaign is a “skeleton” in Michigan: The Trump campaign and its partners at the Republican National Committee haven’t yet made significant general election investments in the state according to Michigan Republican Party Chairman Pete Hoekstra. The national committee, he said, hasn’t transferred any money to the state party to help bolster its operations heading into the general election. There are no specific programs in place to court voters of color. And there’s no general election field staff in place.


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