Does John James Agree With McConnell Adjourning Senate for the Weekend Before Aid Package Was Finalized?

John James Silent on Whether He Supports Senate Republicans Slowing Down COVID-19 Aid

As the coronavirus pandemic rapidly spreads in Michigan, John James must tell Michiganders whether he supports Mitch McConnell’s irresponsible move to delay the Senate’s vote on a critical bipartisan funding package to provide relief to working families across the state and country. Now, after giving the Senate a three day weekend, McConnell is signaling that the bill – which would provide urgently-needed measures including free testing, food assistance, paid sick leave, and unemployment benefits — is not expected to be voted on until later this week despite the president already agreeing to sign the bill. 

Meanwhile, John James has spent his campaign hiding from Michiganders and refusing to be transparent on his positions on the issues that matter most to voters. James has dodged doing a Michigan TV interview for 284 days and refused to answer a question from print media for 177 days. Instead, James has cleared his schedule for out-of-state fundraisers with elite GOP donors and Washington insiders, including Mitch McConnell

“John James’ continued hiding from Michiganders raises serious concerns about his ability to lead our state effectively and transparently in times of crisis,” said Elena Kuhn, Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson. “James should be honest with voters on whether he stands with McConnell’s unnecessary delays in taking action, or with Michiganders who are desperately in need of relief.”

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