Disappearing Dixon: As Dixon Ghosts Local Reporters, Voters Deserve Answers on Her Dangerous Plans

The Michigan press corps is joining the search party for Tudor Dixon this week as she appears on every right-wing network show under the sun, but refuses to answer questions from reporters in her own state. Voters deserve answers about her dangerous agenda on abortion, education, and infrastructure. Where in the world is she? 

Maybe she’s afraid local reporters will ask her questions about her role as a company executive with Michigan Steel, a “nasty” foundry that routinely endangered the employees Dixon was tasked with overseeing. Or she might be afraid to answer questions about her extreme, out of touch stance to force children and victims of rape and incest to give birth that a majority of Michiganders disagree with. Either way, the disappearance act is ridiculous.

Here’s a glimpse of what local reporters are dealing with as they try to get the nonexistent Dixon campaign to answer the questions Michiganders want to know: 

PBS Lansing: “…games not over but boy is not looking good for Tudor Dixon right now. She has gone three weeks of silence of essentially not doing any media hardly, with this small exception of a small rollout, a very small rollout of her running mate choice and change.” 

NBC Upper Peninsula: “Now, I did email to their Dixon’s office for comment, but they did not get back to me. Reporting live in Escanaba, Grace Blair TV Six News.”

Off the Record:But doing a few media interviews is significantly different than what Governor Whitmer has been doing. Although she did have COVID. I mean, she was doing campaign events across the state. She was at the UP state fair this week. I mean, she has been around openly campaigning putting out policy ideas that she’s doing. And not to mention, the Democratic Governors Association has been running millions of dollars of ads against Tudor Dixon so to start this race, Tudor Dixon is on her backfoot right now. I mean, it’s very clear.” 

And now, reporters are resorting to public interview requests on Twitter to hold her accountable. We look forward to seeing how this plays out…

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