DeVos Family-Funded Super PAC Run by Ex-John James Aide Launches Another Misleading Attack

DeVos Family Has Fully Funded the Super PAC In Effort To Buy Senate Seat For James Who Says Betsy Devos Is Doing “Very, Very Good

TV Stations Across Michigan Refused to Air First TV Ad from Associated Dark Money Group, Which Independent Fact Checkers Ruled “False

Today, the shady Super PAC Better Future MI Fund, which has been fully funded by Betsy DeVos’ family, launched another deceptive ad smearing Senator Gary Peters in an effort to boost failed politician John James. The PAC running the ad is part of a “shady, cozy” network of groups designed to prop up the absent candidate, who hasn’t answered questions from Michigan TV in 285 days.

The network of groups run by James’ former campaign manager has toed the line of ethical conduct, recently coming under fire for illegally coordinating with James’ campaign. The network’s first TV ad was so misleading that TV stations across Michigan refused to air it, and independent fact-checkers ruled it “false.”

The DeVos family has spent nearly a million dollars to mislead voters and attack Gary Peters, in an attempt to buy the Senate seat for failed Senate candidate John James, who remains in hiding from voters. To show his appreciation, James has praised Betsy DeVos, saying she’s doing ‘very, very good’ – even as she’s been a major advocate for gutting public education in Michigan – and she and her family have led the fight to cut pensions for public employees like teachers in Michigan. 

“John James is once again being propped up on the airwaves by the DeVos family, as he remains in hiding from Michiganders,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson Elena Kuhn. “The DeVos family’s continued attempts to buy the Senate seat for John James show that they know he’ll be a reliable vote for their anti-public education agenda.”

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