Arab American Democrats

Fay Beydoun, Chair

Asian/Pacific American (APA) Caucus

TBD, Chair

Bangladeshi American Democratic Caucus

Sulaiman Bahar, Chair

Black Caucus

Keith Williams, Chair

Cannabis Caucus

Leaha Skylar-Dotson, Chair

Disability Caucus

Baba Baxter Jones, Chair

Environmental/ Energy Caucus

Faith Caucus

Terra DeFoe, Chair

Grassroots Caucus

Tashawna Gill, Chair

High School Democrats

Kasen Wooters, Chair

Hispanic/Latino Caucus

Bryan Crenshaw, Chair

Indian Democratic Caucus

Murahari Devabathini, Chair

Justice Caucus

Ulanda Caldwell, Co-Chair
Jeremy Kaplan, Co-Chair

Michigan College Democrats

Jacob Welch, Chair

Pakistani American Caucus

Shariq Sajjad, Chair


Dennis Bryant, Chair

Small Business Caucus

Steve Ranzini, Chair


Linda Michaels Gruber, Chair

Veteran's Caucus

Theron Tingstad, Chair

Women’s Caucus

Marilyn Conner, Chair

Young Democrats
of Michigan

Benjamin Orjada, Chair

Yemeni American Democratic Caucus

Abdulhakem Alsadah, Chair

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