Bridges in Dire Need of Repair and the Republicans Who Voted Against Fixing Them

With 1,219 bridges in Michigan deemed structurally deficient, President Biden’s Infrastructure Law will deliver $563 million across the state at a time when Michigan drivers most need it. 

If Michigan’s Republicans in Congress had their way though, Michiganders who drive across these bridges everyday would receive $0 in federal funding to upgrade structures and ensure safety for every person who rides across them. Thankfully, Michiganders have President Biden and Congressional Democrats who fought for this historic infrastructure package, the single largest dedicated bridge investment since the construction of the interstate highway system. 

“It’s ridiculous that a vast majority of Congressional Michigan Republicans voted against this historic legislation to help revitalize the bridges, roads, and highways that their constituents drive on every single day,” said Michigan Democratic Spokesperson Alyssa Bradley. “While Michigan’s Democratic leadership – from Governor Whitmer to our two Senators – work diligently to get this once-in-a-generation funding to the communities that need it most, Republicans must answer: Why did they vote against repairing bridges in their own districts? Michiganders deserve answers, and they will hold them accountable for this blatant dereliction of duty.” 

Here are just a few of the bridges in poor conditions that thousands of people travel on daily that the GOP once again, let down: 

District 1: Congressman Jack Bergman

Boardman River Intersection

  • Built in 1931
  • Almost 7,000 daily crossings

District 2: Congressman Bill Huizenga, District 3: Congressman Peter Meijer 

I-296 WB/US-131 SB over Ann Street

  • Built in 1962 
  • Over 47,000 daily crossings

I-296 (US-131) SB over US-131 Br (Leonard)

  • Built in 1961
  • Over 50,000 daily crossings

I-196, M-21 WB over Conrail

  • Built in 1963
  • Over 57,000 daily crossings

District 7: Congressman Tim Walberg

Elm Rd over I-94

  • Built in 1949
  • 54,000 daily crossings  

District 4: Congressman John Moolenar 

US-127 intersecting Polk Rd

  • Built in 1961
  • Almost 10,000 daily crossings

US-127 over Little Salt River 

  • Built in 1961
  • Over 10,000 daily crossings

 Following Governor Whitmer’s State of the State Address, where she lauded the steps she’s already taken to rebuild Michigan’s infrastructure and additional support received from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Republicans like the ones above must answer why they failed to support this bipartisan legislation.

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