Back to School Required Reading #3: Betsy DeVos and Tudor Dixon Are One-In-The-Same on Abolishing Public Education

As part of Back to School week, the Michigan Democratic Party is releasing the second video in “The diXon Files” series highlighting how Tudor Dixon is bought and paid for by the DeVos family and will do their bidding to destroy public education in Michigan.

WATCH the new video here and read the full transcript at the bottom:

In addition to Betsy DeVos’ devastating voucher plan that would cut public education funding by up to $500 million annually and sell public schools for parts, she recently said that she “think[s] the Department of Education should not exist.” Dixon has both championed this voucher plan and agreed with the DeVos plan to abolish the Department of Education, even going so far as to say she would support changing Michigan’s constitution to dismantle public schools.

Video transcript:

ON-SCREEN TEXT: The diXon Files – Episode 2

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Tudor Dixon is focused on pushing her dangerous agenda to dismantle public education in Michigan. Make no mistake: Dixon’s agenda is the DeVos agenda.

HOST: Out of West Michigan, the DeVos family, obviously a big player, and now you’ve gotten their support. How does that feel?

TUDOR DIXON: Yeah, that it’s wonderful to have somebody who’s been influential in the political world look at our plans and say, “This is a good plan for the state.”

DIXON: We’re honored to have the DeVos family support.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: She’s all-in to help Betsy DeVos rip money away from Michigan schools.

TIM SKUBICK: She has been hammering away at this getting – funneling state tax dollars into private schools.

LAUREN GIBBONS: This Let MI Kids Learn initiative would accomplish something that the DeVos camp has been trying to do for quite some time. You know, start to get some of this money into private schools.

DIXON: Should we privatize education? Because government doesn’t seem to do a good job of it.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: The Dixon/DeVos plan: 

  • Taxpayer money goes to private schools
  • Michigan students get left behind

DIXON: Now, a Republican issue for a long time has been charter schools, getting vouchers for charter schools, and privatizing education.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: The DeVos family knows Dixon will do what they want to dismantle public education.

CHUCK STOKES: Where is Tudor Dixon going to be on issues like vouchers? She’s with the DeVos family.

SKUBICK: She’s all in. She’s with the DeVos family, that’s correct. She has no choice.

STOKES: Absolutely. So she’s gotten a lot of support and a lot of money from the DeVos family. We know that that has been their issue.

STELLA YUE: Tudor Dixon has had, you know, the backing of the DeVos family. She’s taken in a lot of money from, you know, individual donors, from PACs.

STEVE GRUBER: First, let’s talk about the DeVos family endorsement. You must be pretty pleased with that.

DIXON: Oh absolutely. We’re honored to have the DeVos family support. This is a new phase of the campaign, for sure.

ON-SCREEN TEXT: We can’t let Tudor Dixon and Betsy DeVos destroy Michigan schools.

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