Back to School Required Reading #1: The Dixon Plan to Dismantle Public Education

As Michigan’s teachers, parents, and students prepare for the start of the school year, the Michigan Democratic Party will be rolling out a required reading list that outlines Tudor Dixon’s dangerous, special interest-backed plans to gut funding for Michigan public schools. This syllabus doesn’t just cover the semester – Dixon’s anti-public education schemes promise years of devastation for schools and their students.

Make sure to study the below list of recommended texts for a full picture of how devastating Dixon’s education plan would be for Michigan. 

“How to Rip Away Funding from Michigan’s Students and Teachers” by Tudor Dixon

“What’s the Best Way to Fund Private Schools? Divert Taxpayer Dollars Away from Public Schools!” by Tudor Dixon and Betsy DeVos

“Don’t Let State Constitutions Get in Your Way” by Tudor Dixon

  • Dixon has proposed rewriting Michigan’s constitution to get her wrong-for-Michigan education agenda across the finish line – even saying that doing so would be a top priority for her campaign. 

“Who Needs a Department of Education Anyways?” by Tudor Dixon and Betsy DeVos

Michigan should be investing in our teachers and students, but Dixon wants to strip away critical resources and hang public schools out to dry.

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