At Every Possible Turn, Tudor Dixon Has Aligned Herself Against Michigan’s Economy, Workforce, and Thriving Auto Industry

DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon is beholden to special interests and outside groups at the expense of working families. Dixon prioritizes politics over job creation and would cost Michigan billions in lost investments and thousands of jobs.

On Wednesday, Michigan officially secured a $2.3 billion-dollar “undeniable win” of an investment from the electric vehicle battery-making company which is slated to “create 2,350 new jobs with an average hourly wage of nearly $30 an hour” in Big Rapids. Before the Gotion deal was even finalized, Dixon demonstrated to Michiganders that nothing can spur her to put her kneejerk hyperpartisanship aside as she railed against Gotion and the jobs it would bring in full force

Her rhetoric caught the attention of Detroit News reporter Craig Mauger who noted that Dixon’s opposition to job creation plants her firmly against elected officials in her own party, many of whom worked with Governor Whitmer to attract companies like Gotion to Michigan: “I mean, what a moment to have the Republican nominee for governor, essentially speaking out against what the Republican led legislature is doing.” 

This is just the latest example of Dixon’s well-documented history of aligning herself against Michigan’s economy, workforce, and thriving auto industry.

As “major international gateway” Ambassador Bridge was shut down due to an illegal blockade that impacted $356 million of goods daily, Dixon threw her support behind this major economic chokehold on Michigan and encouraged it to continue.

The auto industry suffered “$299.9 million in direct losses,” and assembly plants at GM and Ford were forced to cancel shifts due to a lack of parts traveling across the bridge, which resulted in workers weathering up to $51 million in lost wages.

Additionally, Dixon was dismissive of GM’s $7 billion dollar investment in “making Michigan the ‘hub’ of electric vehicle development and manufacturing.” Dixon supporter and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey even praised the deal as a “historic” job-creator, as GM is expected to bring 4,000 new good-paying positions to Michigan. 

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon is so beholden to political games that she can’t even acknowledge a clear win for working families when it’s right in front of her face. Dixon’s kneejerk hyperpartisanship would cost Michigan jobs and opportunities at economic growth. Michigan’s auto industry and the workers who make it thrive can’t afford a politician who would spurn job-creating opportunities and let the state lose its competitive edge.”

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