As Senate Republicans Vote to Defend “Junk” Health Insurance, A Reminder That John James’ 2000% Support for Trump and McConnell Would Threaten Michiganders’ Care

Today Senate Republicans Voted to Defend Trump’s Expansion of Junk Health Care Plans

Vote is a “Litmus Test For Anyone Who Claims to Support Protecting People with Pre-existing Conditions” 

Today, Michiganders got a preview of what John James’ “2000%” support for President Trump and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would mean for their health care if elected. McConnell and Senate Republicans voted to uphold President Trump’s expansion of “junk” health care plans. The GOP policy promotes insurance “so skimpy that they offer no meaningful coverage.” Junk plans were outlawed under the Affordable Care Act, which James infamously called a “monstrosity” and pledged to repeal as Senator. 

The expansion of junk plans would be disastrous for Michiganders, particularly the 1.7 million with a pre-existing condition. These plans “can refuse to cover people with pre-existing conditions.” They “don’t have to pay for prescription drugs.” They “don’t have to offer maternity benefits.” Under these plans, Michiganders return to the days where they could go bankrupt just for getting sick. Despite the damage these plans do by stripping protections and increasing health care costs, Trump and McConnell are working to enable insurance companies to expand them. If John James was in the Senate today, he’d be 2000% on board with their agenda. 

“As Senate Republicans voted to defend junk health insurance, Michiganders got a preview of what John James’ ‘2000%’ support for Trump would mean for their health care,” said MDP Spokesperson Alex Japko. “James has shown that he would be a reliable ally for Trump and McConnell in the Senate, and help them continue to dismantle health care protections and increase costs for millions of Americans. James’ failure to denounce Trump’s effort to promote junk insurance is yet another reason Michiganders should be very concerned about the threat he poses to their coverage if elected.” 


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