As Governor Whitmer Rejects School Vouchers, Tudor Dixon and James Craig Model Betsy DeVos and Look Forward to Decimating Public Education

LANSING — Yesterday, Governor Whitmer signaled her intent to veto “the latest effort by legislative Republicans to create a school voucher system in Michigan.” Designed to circumvent a constitutional ban on using state resources to fund private education, a bill rapidly making its way through the state legislature would allow private donors to funnel money through organizations funding the educations of “qualified students” – a move that could reduce state revenue by upwards of $500 million annually.

Meanwhile, Republicans running for governor are continuing to do the bidding of all-time most disastrous former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos by pledging to decimate public education by any means necessary.

Yesterday, gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon took to Facebook to throw her support behind this latest attempt to privatize education, pledging to sign it as governor. And earlier this month she announced that repealing Michigan’s ban on using public money for private education was her campaign’s top priority. That would then allow her to implement her Education Savings Account plan that would direct state revenue to “private, charter, virtual or homeschooling options.” 

Dixon also criticized Governor Whitmer for her July veto of a $155 million voucher program.

James Craig has said less on the issue, but during a September appearance on Fox News, he voiced his “absolute” support for school vouchers.

“The fate of public education will certainly be on the ballot as the 2022 cycle gets underway,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “Candidates like Tudor Dixon and James Craig will say whatever they need to to get Betsy DeVos’ help to navigate their way out of this crowded and messy primary. Michigan families deserve a governor that will fight to keep education public, funded, and equitable. That’s why Governor Whitmer hasn’t been afraid to use her veto pen to keep it that way as Republicans work around the clock to limit opportunity.”

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