AG Nessel, State Leaders Highlight Critical Need To Protect Michiganders’ Health Care As SCOTUS Proceedings Begin On Trump ACA Lawsuit

Today, Attorney General Dana Nessel, State Representative Padma Kuppa, and former AARP President Eric Schneidewind participated in a press call on the critical need to protect Michiganders’ health care as the Supreme Court received briefs today for the Trump-Republican lawsuit to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

As the Great Lakes state is hit hard by the Coronavirus public health crisis, Trump and Republicans have doubled down on their crusade to dismantle the law that protects 1.7 million Michiganders with pre-existing conditions – even as COVID-19 could be treated as a pre-existing condition without the ACA. Reports show that Republicans’ reckless lawsuit could overturn the ACA within a year, ripping away health care at a time when families in Michigan and across the country depend on it most. 

“There’s never been a more important time to protect Michiganders’ health care, and never been a worse time to rip it away,” said Attorney General Dana Nessel. “That’s why I’m fighting Donald Trump and Republicans’ reckless attacks on the Affordable Care Act that would gut protections for pre-existing conditions and strip Michiganders of critical health care. I will continue standing with Democratic Attorneys General, Governor Whitmer, and Senators Peters and Stabenow to ensure Michiganders have access to health care, even as Republicans callously work to take it away.”

“Families are facing unimaginable challenges right now, and the last thing they need is to lose coverage or have their health care costs go up,” said State Representative Padma Kuppa. “Instead of trying to eliminate health care, especially for those with pre-existing conditions, Republicans should join us in taking steps to protect and expand access to quality, affordable care for all Michiganders.”

“The Trump-led lawsuit to repeal the ACA would be disastrous for our state’s seniors – especially at a time so many are already suffering,” said former AARP President Eric Schneidewind. “This lawsuit could roll back critical gains in prescription drug coverage for seniors and send our health care costs skyrocketing. It’s unconscionable that Republicans would allow millions of Michiganders with pre-existing conditions and on Medicaid to lose their coverage during a global health crisis when there’s already so much at stake for families in our state. Michigan Republicans and candidates from John James and Peter Meijer should join us in standing up to Trump’s callous health care lawsuit.” 

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