After James Craig Called State Police “Weak-Kneed … Underlings” And Lied About It, MDP Chair Lavora Barnes Calls on Craig to Donate Proceeds to Michigan State Troopers Assistance Fund

Yesterday, the news broke that James Craig  brazenly attacked law enforcement, calling every member of the Michigan State Police “weak-kneed…underlings” that “abandon[ed] their jobs” to operate as cronies.

When confronted with multiple inquiries about the fundraising letter – which bore Craig’s signature, was paid for by the campaign, and directed donations to his campaign’s PO box – his spokesperson refused to say “the letter is a forgery, or that it was not sent on behalf of the campaign.” He also declined to respond to inquiries attempting to clarify “if he was saying the letter was a fake.” Despite his name, photo, and signature appearing on the mailer, Craig himself claimed that he “would never describe our heroes in uniform as “weak-kneed” in a statement. 

In response to this revelation, today the Michigan Democratic Party is calling on James Craig to commit to donating 100% of the campaign contributions that he receives from his mailer – a slap in the face to Michigan State Police and the law enforcement community at large – to the Michigan State Troopers Assistance Fund. Founded in 1993, the fund “provides assistance to families affected by law enforcement tragedies and supports other 501(c)(3) charities and charitable causes throughout Michigan.”

MDP Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement:

“James Craig insulted Michigan State Police officers, calling them “weak-kneed” just to pad his campaign coffers, then lied about it. Craig should immediately apologize and put any donations from this offensive solicitation to good use by donating them to the Michigan State Troopers Assistance Fund, which has been supporting families struck by tragedy and benefiting other good causes throughout our state for nearly 30 years.”

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