75,000 Michiganders Could Face Eviction Due to Trump’s Failed COVID-19 Response

A new report in the Detroit Free Press highlights how Donald Trump’s failed economic response to COVID-19 is threatening Michigan workers and risking a spike in cases in the state.

As supplemental unemployment benefits are set to expire this month and Donald Trump refuses to take action to support unemployed Michiganders, over 75,000 could face eviction. The lack of action could also create another spike in COVID-19 as desperate workers are forced back to unsafe jobs. In total, over 2 million Michigan workers have received unemployment benefits during the pandemic.

“Donald Trump’s callous disregard for Michigan workers is causing economic chaos and threatening another spike in COVID-19,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesman Christian Slater. “This president failed in his response to a global pandemic and Michigan’s working families are paying a devastating price as they face unemployment, evictions, and a deadly disease.”

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